IEDC of Pondicherry Engineering College and Wadhwani Foundation jointly offer online student training program (MOOC – Massive Open Online Course) for students on entrepreneurship. The entire training is offered in two modules - Basic and Advanced. The first module under this program is ‘Why Entrepreneurship’. This will help students understand the importance of entrepreneurship and start their journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Basic Course on Entrepreneurship (Course Code : HSG03)

​IEDC is offering 4 credit Inter-disciplinary General Elective - "Basic Course on Entrepreneurship" (Code-HSG03). Semester V & VII from all departments are eligible to apply.

Course Objective :

  • Students will understand and discover entrepreneurship
  • Build a strong foundation for students to start, build, and grow a viable and sustainable venture
  • Develop an entrepreneurial outlook and mindset, critical skills and knowledge
  • Mitigate three types of risks: Customer, Business Model, and Product/Technical

The Curriculum and syllabus for basic Course on Entrepreneurship are listed below.


Minor Degree in Entrepreneurship

The IEDC of Pondicherry Engineering College also offers a minor degree in Entrepreneurship wherein a student should complete 5 Entrepreneurship courses of four credits each with a total of 20 credits to become eligible for the award of the minor degree.

The curriculum and syllabus for Minor Degree in Entrepreneurship are furnished below.

Minor Degree.pdf

Statistics for the academic year 2019-20

  1. Total Students Undergoing Basic Course on Entrepreneurship(HSG-03) = 142
    • Cohort-1 facilitated by Dr.R.Sundaramurthy
    • Cohort-2 facilitated by Dr.N.Sivakumar
    • Cohort-3 facilitated by Dr.B.Hemakumar
  2. Total Students Undergoing Minor Degree in Entrepreneurship = 14
    • Cohort-4 facilitated by Dr.B.Hemakumar